2-Amanda Salah ELdin

Co-Founder - GM , PMP®,PMOC®

Co-Founder Spotlight: Eng. Amanda Salah – An Epitome of Leadership in Project Management

Embarking upon a journey through the intricate realms of Project Management and Training, Eng. Amanda Salah has demonstrated a stellar trajectory, amassing over two decades of invaluable experience. An architect by training, Amanda is an alumnus of Ain Shams University, where she cultivated a foundation that would later allow her to craft structures not only in the physical world but within the corporate scaffolding of organizations as well.

Serving as the General Manager of PM-House for numerous years, Architect Amanda has been a linchpin in the company’s operational success and strategic development. Her leadership style, an amalgamation of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving, has consistently delivered triumphant results across various project management arenas. Her proficiency is not only reflected through her hands-on expertise but is also recognized through her PMP® certification, a testament to her adept skillset in project management practices.

Navigating through the intricate and multifaceted business environments of today, Eng. Amanda exhibits a remarkable acumen for understanding and interfacing with firms of diverse scales and scopes, and individuals of varied cultural backgrounds. Her awareness and adaptability have enabled her to align project strategies seamlessly with evolving business landscapes and client needs.

Eng. Amanda isn’t just a member but an esteemed contributor to the Project Management Institute (PMI®) USA, further solidifying her commitment to staying abreast of global standards and emerging trends in project management.

At PM-House, she doesn’t just lead; she inspires, driving the team and the company towards new heights with a vision that seamlessly blends technicality with creativity. Under her stewardship, PM-House has not only witnessed robust growth but has also enabled numerous organizations to realize their project goals with efficacy and precision.

In Eng. Amanda Salah, PM-House doesn’t just have a leader; it has a visionary who continually sets new benchmarks in professional project management and training paradigms. As a co-founder and partner, her footsteps create pathways that guide the company towards unprecedented success, shaping a future where project management transcends traditional boundaries, ushering in an era of innovative and strategic excellence.