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About PM-Information House: Nurturing Project Management Excellence

Embark on a transformative journey with PM-Information House, your trusted ally in professional project management training. With a distinguished presence spanning over 17 years in the sector, we’ve meticulously curated a robust portfolio in training services, tailored to advance your project management acumen and fortify organizational capacities.

Internationally Recognized Expertise

Our offerings are sculpted with precision, harmonizing global standards from the esteemed Project Management Institute (PMI®), USA, and AXELOS® Standards, UK. We specialize in a plethora of training services, inculcating knowledge pertaining to widely recognized certifications such as PgMP®, PMP®, PMI-RMP®, and the Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)® exam, issued by AACEI® (The Association for Advance Cost Engineer International). 

A Coalition of Esteemed Consultants

Harness the collective expertise of our extensive network of project management consultants, each substantiated by one or more accolades from PMI®. Our consultants bring to the table not only their certified competencies but also a wealth of experience and practical insights that enrich our training programs, ensuring they are both theoretically robust and practically applicable.

A Dedication to Comprehensive Training

PM-Information House diligently serves a diverse client base, including paramount private and public organizations across the Middle East and globally, by providing comprehensive training solutions that are deeply embedded in real-world applicability. Our commitment to quality and efficacy in training has cemented our reputation as a preferred training provider, noted for our unwavering dedication to nurturing project management expertise.

An Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for PMI®

As an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for PMI®, PM-Information House underscores its position as a paragon of quality and reliability in the domain of project management training. This affiliation is a testament to our unrelenting commitment to excellence, adhering to globally acknowledged standards, and providing our participants with a learning experience that is both enriching and globally relevant.

Join us in navigating the dynamic terrains of project management and elevate your professional trajectory with PM-Information House – where expertise is cultivated, and excellence is ensued.


To be Project Management House for Egyptian and all Arab Nation


Teaching and Implementing PPM best practices using our years of experience and Knowledge in PPM , Which is a focal point of the modern civilization.